Successful Websites Have 4 Things In Common

They each use a combination of color psychology, lifestyle imagery, copy-that-sells and SEO that results in organic and paid targeted traffic that encourages a series of actions that lead to conversions and better yet, sales.

Ask anyone on our team or ask one of Clients: Sales are our #1 KPI.

SOP (Standard Operating Procedure): Discovery & Onboarding Process

Time for a little bragging. We got this process from Sydney Ray Design who has been using this SOP to close high ticket clients....and those clients have gone on to see a ROAS (Return On Advertising Spend) of up to, and exceeding 850%

Step 1 | Stage One

Discovery Call - Once we receive information from you on our website or on Calendly, we then call you at the selected time to learn more about you, your business and your overall vision. This is a complimentary 45-minute phone conversation.

Step 2 | Stage Two

Discovery Form - If after the Discovery Call we feel that you are a good fit for our skillset and experience, we will message or email you a link to our Discovery Form. This online document asks several questions about you, your business, vision, goals and budget. It's crucial you fill this out and provide us with as many details as possible so we can conduct further research.

Step 3 | Stage Three

Competitive Analysis - After receiving your Discovery Form, we then get to work in analyzing and testing your website, if you have one, and especially that of your competition. This is an in-depth, complimentary review that will determine what we will propose to you regarding website design, SEO, social media marketing and online ads.

Step 4 | Stage Four

Proposal - We will email a proposal to you based upon our reseach, our knowledge and your answers. We only recommend what we know is in the best interest of your company and ROI (return on investment). We are sensitive to the fact that you may have a budget and working with us may be a significant expense. We are fair in our pricing with all potential clients as we only take on projects that we know will be a online success.

Step 5 | Stage Five

Proposal Review - At the bottom of our proposal email will be a link for you to click on to schedule a live, Zoom video call. In this call, we will show you why and how working with us is not only the best decision, but profitable.

All of our work is insured and guaranteed via our Design, Marketing and SEM/SEO Partner: Sydney Ray Design and Marketing, LLC

Step 6 | Stage Six

Agreement - At this stage, our legal team draws up an Agreement and lays out the terms and conditions that we've previously agreed too within the Proposal Stage. The Agreement will be read over a live Zoom video call and each section can be discussed in finer detail so that all parties have a clear understanding of what is at stake.

Afterwards, the Agreement is emailed to you for digital signature.

Step 7 | Stage Seven

Invoice - After you sign the Agreement, we then email you an Invoice that is due payable before Onboarding begins.

Please keep in mind that we do not accept credit cards as a form of payment. We only accept ACH. Depending on whether or not you are paying in full or paying on an installment plan, all services must be paid for in advance before we begin our work.

Each stage of our work is held accountable by our Project Manager and signed off by you.

Step 8 | Stage Eight

Onboarding - At this Stage, you will be invited to join Meta Workplace where your design and marketing team awaits you. You will also receive an email from Jody Peters, our Founder about an upcoming Onboarding Zoom Call where you you will meet with our Leadership Team & Sydney Ray.

Following that call is a video call with your team. Post introductions, the team gets to work and we will keep you updated in Workplace.

Our agency believes in 100% transparency and it's important to us that our Clients are kept in the loop every step of the way.

Our Technology Partners

Having worked with several platforms and Saas over the years, we work with companies that are known for their excellent platforms and products.

Our Design Process

What can you expect when working with our team?

1. Discovery

During the first step, we acquire the necessary information and unique specifics of your business to help us create or refine an offer that can scale your company to six (6) figures and beyond. We collaborate with you to ensure your target market is receiving consistent and clear messaging across all your sales channels, which is crucial to converting visitors into paying customers.

2. Draft

We are more than your website designers and marketers. We work with you in an advisory role to create a blueprint; a strategy for success.  Our mission is to develop solid, enduring connections that lead to ongoing sales by appealing to both logical and emotional consumers. We firmly believe that our clients should receive the market rate for their expertise and experience.

3. Develop

Focus on what you do best, and let us do the rest. During this step, we use the draft created in step 2 to take care of everything from legally registering your business to securing domain names, creating websites, writing copy-that-sells, setting up/managing your social media and Google accounts, and marketing/advertising. Our team expertly develops your website using industry best-practice.

4. Deliver

The "final" step in our process is delivering the website to the public. All sites are approved by you, our client, pre-launch. After the website has been live for enough time to fully test and edit (if necessary), we will launch the previously approved marketing and advertising campaigns on all relevant social media sites, such as Facebook/Meta, Instagram, and LinkedIn, as well as Google Ads.



With over 25 years experience in website design, marketing and sales, our Mentor and Agency Partner Sydney Ray knows copy-that-sells, color psychology and overall layout and design better than anyone else in the industry.

We are excited to not only be training with her, but partnering up on client website design and copywriting projects.


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