Details Regarding Discovery

Thank you for scheduling a call with Jody Peters.

Please expect an email from Jody confirming your appointment. 

Jody speaks with each and every potential client. In order to be prepared for this call, please adhere to the following requests:

  • no background noise (no pets or children)
  • use a laptop/desktop
  • be prepared to take notes

She will also want to see your:

  • existing website(s) (if applicable), including the backend
  • social media
  • competitor's social media

While on the call, Jody will run analytics and offer tips and solutions on how you can improve your existing website and/or what other things need to be done.

Overall, you can expect to hear about your website (if you have one), social media channels, and analytics. At Bluestone Prairie Media, much of what we do focuses on your existing internet traffic and who you should be targeting for ads (target demographic). 

As marketers and sales experts, we know there are two types of buyers: logical and emotional. It is our goal to attract both types of buyers and build lasting relationships that will result in loyalty to your brand. There are many steps and moving variables when carving out your niche and building a successful online presence. 

We look forward to building a strong, profitable relationship with you throughout the years.  

After the call...