After the Discovery Call

After the Call 

You will receive a link to our detailed Discovery Form that we need you to fill out in detail.   We will continue to do some research and due diligence to determine if you and our team are a good match. 

Once we receive your answers, we can then craft your proposal.  This will take 2-4 days depending on our schedule, and up to a week if we are back-to-back with clients.  

Jody and her team work with a maximum of 10-15 clients per month to ensure that everyone receives the high level customer service and support regarding their online assets.

What is the next step after the Proposal?

There will be a link at the bottom of your Proposal Email offering a Proposal Review if you have any questions. 

If not, we ask that you reply to that email confirming you wish to move forward. 

We pride ourselves on our excellent process of communication during the Discovery Process leading up to the  Agreement  and invoice.  We uphold the most rigid standards in our industry regarding, and ensure your total understanding of our Proposal, your Agreement, payments and Scope of Work.

After the Agreement is Signed

Three days after, you will be invited to join Jody Peters and her team for an Onboarding Zoom call.  This is to introduce you to our team and SOP regarding your project. 

Due to how we manage Clients, there will never be a time where you are sitting at home or in your office wondering what is going on with your website, social media marketing or online advertising.  

Thank you for your interest in working with us.  We look forward to building a successful relationship that exceeds your expectations.