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Why Working With Us Will Be Successful

Bluestone Prairie Media is quickly becoming Manitoba's #1 trusted go-to digital design and marketing agency that serves ski resorts and the accommodations that serve them. Our agency is led by Jody Peters who offers over 6 years of experience in professional writing. Mrs. Peters also brings to the table a solid teaching background in the primary, middle, and secondary educational fields, which is advantageous to all the services we offer to our clients & agency partners.  

We are a full-stack Sydney Ray Design and Marketing Agency Partner and therefore offer top-level e-commerce and data-first approach design, marketing, ads, and SEO (search engine optimization services; copy-that-sells) on each website and marketing campaign we write, design, and launch.

We believe that *good* copy can sell anything; product and/or service.  We and our agency partners excel and have experience in subscription sales, B2B, B2C, and information-based websites. We are passionate about working with mom-and-pop, small to medium business owners with multi-faceted products and services.

In our training and certification required as an online partner, we use SEO data and a proprietary (and patent-pending) Discovery process, including competitive intelligence, to propose, strategize, implement, and launch top-level websites, marketing, and ads.  

In short, we deliver results.  As a resort or hotel owner, you need your business to excel online so your brand awareness is increased, ultimately leading to more people experiencing your resort. 

Jody and her team are confident in their abilities to not only *hear* what you have to say, but to design, build, market, and sell what we

We design, build and market websites for your target customer/client

The 4 Pillars To Successful Website Design

Using our proprietary process of website design and copywriting, we practically guarantee success.


Color influences everything from mood to purchasing decisions. We use colors that your audience connects with to improve your bottom line.


Customers love to see real-life images related to your product or service. Using these throughout your site elevates their confidence in your brand.


Words matter. We write concise, clear, and compelling content and copy that converts visitors and friends into paying customers.


Nobody looks on page 2 of Google. We research and infuse the most relevant and effective keywords into your website to land you on Page 1.

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